Current Series

Campbell Church

Epic: God's Story of Redemption

So often in our Biblical study we miss the forest for the trees.  This series will focus on the meta-narrative, or the big picture story, of God's love and redemption with humanity.

Holiday Christmas Special

This December we look at Advent through a warm and whimsical perspective of television and movie Holiday Specials. What can we learn about the truth of Christmas, from watching tv?

Based on the blog series by Richard Beck, via

A Homily on Shoefiti

This sermon probes the need for empathy, as it is a hallmark of churches that are reaching young people. Jesus showed considerable empathy in his incarnation. He put on his own shoes so that he could step into ours. It is now our turn

Our Exodus

The exodus of Israel from Egypt is fulfilled in Jesus' exodus for us, but it comes with a warning.