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The Campbell Church exists to glorify God, by knowing His Son Jesus as Lord and Savior, by growing in His Word and relationship with His people, and by going into the community to share the good news of Christ’s love. 

We are a loving, accepting family with a common belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. We believe that it is by the grace of God that we have been brought into an eternal relationship with Him.

Our family is a cross-section of people from the Silicon Valley. Our members are a mosaic of cultures, countries, situations and industries. We represent high-tech and low-tech and everything in between. We are family-friendly, intentional in ministries, and we are outreach-oriented. We believe that we exist to make a difference. 

We assemble each Sunday to praise God and encourage one another in our walk of faith. We invite you to join us for worship on Sundays at 8:30 (a capella, or vocal singing only) or 11:15am (instrumental), at one of our Adult Bible Fellowships from 10-11am, or at one of our many other Connection Groups.