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A Place to Connect

No matter where you're at in your walk with Jesus - whether you're taking your very first steps or if you've been running this marathon for a while now - there is someone at Campbell in the place you are.

A Place to Grow

Being part of a Christian community is so much more than filling a seat every Sunday morning. It is finding purpose in your walk with God, loving those the world doesn’t see, sharing the victories and defeats with an extended family that loves you, and every day looking in the mirror and watching the image you see look a little bit more like Jesus.

A Place to Belong

Careers and opportunity spread families and friends across the globe. Whether you’ve just moved to the Silicon Valley, or you've been here long enough to remember the vast orchards that used to cover this valley, the Campbell Church is one big, extended family. Spiritual aunts and uncles to help love on your kids. Wise and experienced elders and mentors to guide your spiritual journey. People that need you as much as you need them - at Campbell, there is more here for you.

A Place to Serve

Would it make a difference to our community and our world if we didn’t exist? One of Campbell’s core values is to make a difference - down the street and across the world - working together, old and young, to make life a little easier, to love when love is needed, to bring a little bit of Light to the world around us. From partnering with local schools and providing backpacks and school supplies and a free BBQ on back-to-school night, working with people looking for a second chance at CityTeam, to raising money to help get kids off the streets in Nairobi, Kenya - when you're ready, there's a place for you not just to grow and belong, but to serve.

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